Project Status and Projection For The Year

A forum for the translation project of Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki.
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Project Status and Projection For The Year

Post by zeromonkey » Wed May 11, 2016 2:03 am


Here is the official thread that will inform interested parties about the inner workings of Trails to Zero (Zero no Kiseki).

May 10, 2016
In my eyes, the script is pretty much done. I don't exactly go through and count every piece by piece. Today I posted an ad in the Announcements forum (at the top of the page) looking for 1 new recruit. Go there for details on that. Guren, Yangxu and a few others have really worked their asses off the past few years (yeah, it has been that long) on this script and it looks like their work is in good shape. Now I just need to get that new opening filled and I can work even harder on writing the formal script. It may seem like nobody is around the past few weeks but I guess the others have been really busy and I was sick for 2 weeks. Yep! We are moving forward.

Now about patches and the release. Here is the news people have been wondering about. I am gonna answer those questions.

Will there be a public beta patch?
No. My logic behind this is simple. Before we formally release the game, it could (and has gone through a fuck ton of changes). Literally the entire game could change from beta to final if we miss something important. We are trying our dead level best to try to make sure we don't miss anything no matter the level of importance it may be. SOOOOOoooooo, I don't want to ruin the experience for the fans. You have waited a long time and wondered if you would ever chance a glimpse at the game in English. Well I can promise you that you will and I hope to make it the best possible glimpse I can. Just not until the "professionals" (HA! -its a joke) get all the kinks ironed out. I am very passionate about this project (though some may disagree) and I understand people's feelings. The whole series really is great RPGs.

When will it be released?
Good lord willing and the creeks don't rise... December. That gives us a little over 7 months to beat this into submission and do our internal testing (which we will be inviting other fan translation teams to test for us.

------Why just other "fan translation teams" for testers?
----------It is simply a technical standpoint. They understand the inner workings of games and provide optimal feedback in terms of bug reporting.
----------Also, I feel I can trust them to keep it under wraps until it is time for fans open your present.

Hopefully this gives a small idea of what is happening in the private workings of the project. There is another project thread below this one and feel free to post questions in there because this will be a locked topic so that I can use it for updating and don't want people to have to read through 10 pages of questions/comments.


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